We are gearing up to start our aeration and overseeding this year. Our plan is to be coming through the week of September 11th. If you haven’t already done so but would like to call us about being put on the route this year, there is still time. This year we are going to be trying some new equipment that does not pull a plug like usual. This piece of equipment uses tines that penetrate into the soil and loosens the soil beneath the grass without bringing up the traditional plug.

For the people who have chosen to have their lawns overseeded as well, this machine handles that too. The seed drops down from the container and into the holes that are made so there is immediate seed/soil contact. We are excited to try out this piece of equipment and are expecting great results.

I have been asked why aeration and overseeding are important to do. The main benefit of aeration is to reduce soil compaction which can result in thicker, more drought tolerant turf. By loosening the soil, you make it easier for the roots to push deeper into the soil. Overseeding should be done on yards that are looking thin or show severe stress from Summer drought. This helps thicken up the turf as well. Thicker turf in turn makes it harder for weeds to get a start in your lawn. If you have any question on either of these services, please just let us know.