As the leaves turn…

As another September fades into October, we are preparing to start wrapping up the growing season.  Before we realize it, Thanksgiving will be here and we will be getting the mowers ready to rest for the Winter.  That being said, there is still a lot to get done on your properties this year.  We are in our round five of fertilizer which has an herbicide in it to target the hardier weeds, such as the Ground Ivy and Creeping Charlie.  After the dry last few months, the weeds have taken advantage of any turf areas that are stressed and are trying to make a home for themselves.

We are also putting our plan for Fall clean ups together.  We are checking the equipment and making any repairs needed to make sure we are able to get your properties clean going into Winter.  (see the back page for more on that)

Then there is Winter.  We have sent out  snow plowing contracts to those of you who were signed up last year.  We have started to make our plans for how the snow routes are going to be run this year and will be getting things firmed up as the contracts come back in.  If you would like pricing to plow your property, just me know and I will stop out and take a look at it.  You can reach me, Jason Deuble, directly at 330-715-5863 or [email protected].

Normally in October I like to give you the forecast from the Farmer’s Almanac.  It is always fun to look back at the past years and see how close they got it.  Some years they are pretty close but others they are far off, like last year.  I guess that just goes to show you the best forecast is to look out your window.  Just in case they get it right this year, here is the 2017-2018 forecast from the Farmer’s Almanac.

Colder—But Not Colder Than Usual

            This winter is forecast to be much colder than last year’s, but—just like last winter—not colder than usual. In fact, a large part of the northern United States will experience milder-than-average temperatures (though we would still recommend having your long underwear on-hand), while much of the South and West can expect to feel cooler than normal. Escaping this chill are Florida and the Southeast, where milder-than-usual temperatures will be felt.


A Wet and Snowy Winter All-Around

            Precipitation will be at above-normal levels throughout the country, which will translate to equally above-normal amounts of snowfall in parts of the Northeast, central Great Lakes, central Plains, Intermountain region, and from eastern Tennessee through New Mexico. Get your shovels ready! Notable exceptions to this wet winter are the Pacific Northwest and Upper Midwest, where less precipitation than usual is expected.