Looking back at this year, it is tough to believe we are already in November. The seasons seem to be getting more and more finicky as the years go on. Right now, we are out trying to get ahead of the Fall clean ups. While most of the leaves are still holding on, we are going around and at least getting the perennials and ornamental grasses cut down. As we work our way through the Fall cleanup list, this month you will see us doing final cuts on the lawns as well. We always drop the decks of the mowers this time of year to keep the grass short. This will help reduce the chances of snow mold forming over the Winter should it decide to actually snow this Winter. Even if you haven’t seen us yet, don’t worry, we are on our way to you.

We finished up our Fall fertilizer/herbicide application the end of October. We noticed a lot of weeds appearing in lawns from the drought we had in September and the beginning of October. We were mostly seeing them along the edges of walks and driveways but there were also a few appearing in stressed areas of the lawns as well. Our fertilizer technicians were very aware of the weeds and were making sure to get good coverage of the herbicides to your properties to get rid of them now so your lawns are ready to go in the Spring.

Also to do with fertilizer, we are starting our last application of fertilizer for the year as I write this. This round is the winterizer and is designed to give your lawns a good kick in the Spring. This round is all granular so you will see our people walking behind a spreader applying it. Even if we just applied your last round recently, you don’t need to worry. This fertilizer has a special coating on it to keep it from being immediately ready for the grass to use.

The other thing we are starting to plan for is the upcoming snow season. We are currently evaluating our equipment to see what we need to do to get it ready to go and making any repairs needed. By the time the first snow starts accumulating, we will be equipped and ready to roll.

We thank you for your business and allowing us to service your grounds this year. We have the best clients! We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season!