It is that time of year again when the nights get cooler and the colors of Summer start to fade. As your Summer annuals start to fade and die back, the garden mums are a great burst of color at this time.

Mums are a hardy plant that can bloom late into the Fall. Their only downside is how brittle the branches are. When you are handling the pots, you must be careful because you can break off a large portion on the plant very easily. They also can dry out easily so make sure to water frequently to start with.

While they are well suited for Fall weather, you still must be aware of the weather and be prepared to cover them if there is threat of an early frost.

Unlike most annual plants, you’ll want to choose the mums that have many buds but not a lot of flowers blooming yet. This will help to lengthen the time you have to enjoy this beautiful plant through the leaves falling.