Month: May 2018

Lawns are Turning Yellow!

While the grass is finally starting to grow, the nemesis of many people is also starting as well.  The dandelions have made a strong run this year with many lawns going from green to yellow in a matter of days.  If this is a problem you are having, just let us know. ...

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May’s Plant Profile – Serviceberry

The Serviceberry is a smaller tree that has wonderful interest all year long.  In the Spring, the trees get a beautiful white flower all over them.  The blooms occur from March to April and will start to disappear as the leaves start to bud out.  The multi trunk...

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Spring Has Joined Us!

Wow!! It is hard to believe we got a blast of snow just three weeks ago.  While Spring has taken a while to get going, our crews have not.  They have been hard at work getting properties clean up, mulched, and ready for the season.  We have our list of work put...

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