Wow!! It is hard to believe we got a blast of snow just three weeks ago.  While Spring has taken a while to get going, our crews have not.  They have been hard at work getting properties clean up, mulched, and ready for the season.  We have our list of work put together and are working on getting everything scheduled and completed.  Please don’t worry if we have not been to your property yet.  We are working our way there. 

Unlike years past, this year we did not start mowing in April.  Due to the amount of rain and snow we saw, the grass just wasn’t ready to start growing.  In about a week though, that has all changed.  Our first day of mowing this year was April 30th.   Our crews have been going through each property to make sure they get the sticks picked up and get everything mowed right the first time.  While we try to not move days for our clients, please remember that the first few weeks are slightly fluid as new clients sign on and we have to rework routes.  If you have any questions or concerns, just give us a call and we will address them with you.

Due to the weather so far, our first round of fertilizer is slightly behind last year as well.  Please don’t worry about it though.  With the cold temperatures in April, we purposely started applying later.  We watch the ground temperatures and schedule the crabgrass preventer to give you optimal coverage through the season.  By the time you are reading this, everyone will have their first application completed and we will be starting to plan on round two.  

We still have some room in our schedules for both mowing and fertilizer, so if your neighbor is commenting on your lawn, please have them give us a call.  We would love to help them have a lawn like yours.