Month: July 2018

Halfway Through 2018

It is hard to believe that we are already halfway through 2018.  This Spring has been very busy for us thanks to all of you.  We are glad to say we are almost done with mulching and are looking forward to our second round of pruning.  If you signed up for pruning on...

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Plant Profile – Liriope

Liriope are low, grass-like, flowering plants.  They originated in East Asia and Southeast Asia.  Although it is sometimes called Lilyturf, it is neither a true grass or a Lily.  Some folks confuse Liriope with Monkey Grass, which is also known as Mondo Grass. ...

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Our Stinging Insect Policy

An interesting phenomenon happened here at Brothers Grimm last year.  Within one week of each other, two of our key employees ended up in the ER with allergic reactions to stinging insects.  Jacob was first after he was stung by a honeybee and Jason followed the next...

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