Liriope are low, grass-like, flowering plants.  They originated in East Asia and Southeast Asia.  Although it is sometimes called Lilyturf, it is neither a true grass or a Lily.  Some folks confuse Liriope with Monkey Grass, which is also known as Mondo Grass.  Liriope is a perennial.

Liriope is commonly used as a ground cover or a border plant in landscapes.  There are about 20 varieties of Liriope species available, but “Big Blue” is the most commonly available.

Liriope reaches about 1 foot in height and is clump forming.  It has a spikey flower, ranging in color from white to blue and lavender.  It produces a dark berry in Fall.  They can be grown in partial shade but can also tolerate full sun.   Either way, they need a well drained soil.  They are tough plants that spread easily and quickly, and one can find themselves in a love/hate relationship with them – in some areas, they are considered invasive plants.