An interesting phenomenon happened here at Brothers Grimm last year.  Within one week of each other, two of our key employees ended up in the ER with allergic reactions to stinging insects.  Jacob was first after he was stung by a honeybee and Jason followed the next week after he was stung by a ground wasp.  Both were told that they had developed a life threatening allergy to stinging insects and both now carry Epi-pen injectors with them should either of them get stung again.

I share these stories to help you understand part of the reason for our stinging insect policy, which is pretty simple:  We carry wasp & hornet spray in all of our trucks and if we come across a nest at your house where we are working, we are going to spray it.  The standard charge for this is $25.00 per can (vs. $75+ that an exterminator will charge you).  Usually, one can will do the trick. 

We will take care of it normally without talking to you first as usually these situations call for immediate action.  Now, the exception to this rule is the honeybee.  We will not spray honeybees, but will let you know if we find a swarm so that a beekeeper can be called to come and remove them.  Honeybees need all of the help they can get!