Month: October 2018

Looking Forward

And just like that, it is now October.  I am still not quite sure where September went.  We have quite a bit on our schedule for the upcoming weeks.  This month starts out with finishing up our fertilizer with herbicide applications, aeration and overseedings. ...

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Focus on Fungi – Flying Agaric

There are 2,000 or more Fungi species in Ohio.  With the large amount of rain that we have had, fungi are having a fabulous season.  Maybe you’ve seen mushrooms popping up pretty much everywhere.  Or maybe you’ve seen a puffball or two?  We have a lot of mushrooms at...

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The Leaves Are Falling…..Almost!

As we watch the beauty of Fall arrive with the leaves turning, we are preparing.  Those of you who have already signed up for our leaf removal don’t have to worry a bit.  You are on our list and for those of you with city pickup, we are coordinating with their pick up...

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