There are 2,000 or more Fungi species in Ohio.  With the large amount of rain that we have had, fungi are having a fabulous season.  Maybe you’ve seen mushrooms popping up pretty much everywhere.  Or maybe you’ve seen a puffball or two?  We have a lot of mushrooms at our house and we’ve seen two very large puffballs on the side of the road.

We have a large collection of these yellow mushrooms under our Pine trees in our front yard.  There are so many, I thought maybe I had stumbled upon a secret village of Smurfs!  They have a white stem with a yellow cap and you’ll see on the yellow cap are little white patches, also known as “warts.”  These are left over from the sac like structure that contained the mushroom (called the universal veil).  As the mushroom grows, the veil breaks apart and little pieces of it get stuck on the cap.  Pretty neat!

So, what are they?  The best that I can tell is they are a type of Amanita mushroom, specifically a Flying Agaric.  Some Amanita are ok to eat, but since the genus Amanita contains some deadly poisonous mushrooms such as the death cap and the destroying angel, I tend to steer clear of them.