As we watch the beauty of Fall arrive with the leaves turning, we are preparing.  Those of you who have already signed up for our leaf removal don’t have to worry a bit.  You are on our list and for those of you with city pickup, we are coordinating with their pick up schedule.  Our leaf equipment is being examined carefully to make sure it is ready and our crews are prepping for the start of the season.  We will be dropping our mower decks soon to start preparing the grass for the final cut.  Cutting your lawn shorter for Winter helps keep your grass from developing snow mold through the Winter.  We will also be doing a final bag off of your yard to get the debris out. 

For those with city pickups, we will be out approximately 1-3 days before your scheduled pickup to make sure we get the leaves to the road in plenty of time.  For all our other clients, we will have our leaf trucks running with the crews to suck up and remove the leaves from your property.  If you have any question on how things will operate or would like to be added to the list, just give us a call.