As I sit down to write this month’s newsletter, we are experiencing a wonderfully rainy Fall day.  The weather and leaves seem like they are teaming up on us this year.  Due to the warm and rainy start to Fall, the leaves have stayed green longer than they normally do.  Now that the color is finally showing, the rain is working on bringing them down as fast as it can.  While this type of Fall can mess with our clean up schedule, we are working on getting through everyone for their first visit.  This year, we are focusing on getting the perennials and grasses cut this first visit since the next time we come through will be heavy with leaves.  

You may also notice that we are cutting the grass shorter than we normally do.  We do this to help reduce the chances of your lawn developing snow mold over the Winter.    

We have the schedules for the Akron wards and will be coming through a few days before your scheduled date to get your leaves to the curb.  As usual, we are targeting to be completed with our leaf cleanups around Thanksgiving. 

If you would like to request an additional cleanup, we will be getting to those after we wrap up our scheduled cleanups. 

Our fertilizer schedule is moving along as well.  We have finished our Fall herbicide application and are planning our last fertilizer application for the year.  This round is a high nitrogen application which will give the grass a good start and nice dark color in the Spring.  Our goal for completion of the last round is the beginning of December.  Since this round targets the Spring growth, there is not as big a rush to make sure it is down. 

It wouldn’t be November without talking about the white stuff that’s coming.  We are working on going through our plowing equipment and starting to put routes together.  Yesterday, we poured a new concrete pad to add onto our salt storage bin and increase the amount of salt we can store here.  With the salt shortages of years’ past and the general uncertainty of the supply this year, we are planning on stocking up to help reduce the stress of making sure we have enough product to take care of our customers. 

We want to finish by wishing your family a Happy Thanksgiving.  It has been our pleasure to service your properties this year and we are looking forward to another good year in 2019.