In true Northeast Ohio fashion, April brought us a variety of weather. Only in Ohio can you plow snow, put down fertilizer, mulch your flower beds and mow your lawn all in the same month! In any event, it seems now that the growing season is in full swing.

This recent rain and favorable temperatures are making the grass grow. And it looks fabulous! Sometimes, I think we can hear it growing! There is more spotty rain in the forecast and we are doing our best to not only keep on schedule but keep quality up as well. In some cases, we are having to cut the lawns before it properly dries. We are doing our best to take care of the turf without damaging it. At times, we are going to cut it twice or even three times to combat the radical growth that is happening now.    We may also find it necessary to blow off the lawns in order to remove the debris from lying on and damaging the fast growing turf.

Our first round of fertilizer has just been completed. With this first round of fertilizer, we watch the ground temperatures and schedule the crabgrass preventer to give you optimal coverage through the season. By the time you are reading this, everyone will have their first application completed and we will be starting to plan on round two.

Also, along with mowing comes the need for planting beds to be refreshed. There isn’t much that will improve the look of a dingy landscape better than a fresh coat of mulch. Not only will the landscape look better, the fresh mulch will aid in keeping weeds at bay. Just ask someone who has skipped a year or two and they will tell you the battle that has ensued to remove those unwanted weeds. Additionally, the mulch will retain much needed moisture for later in the Summer when the rain has slowed down. All in all, you can’t go wrong by having fresh mulch applied to your planting areas. If your beds are looking a little blah, then pick up the phone and tell us your woes and we will bring the freshness of Spring to your backyard.