Ticks are blood feeding parasites that can significantly impact the quality of life and health of humans and their pets. There are three tick species in Ohio that are medically important as they can transmit diseases. They are called hard ticks because they have a hard plate on the surface below their mouths.

American Dog Tick

-most common

-prefer grassy areas

-largest tick, 3/16” unfed

-active during Spring & Summer

-can transmit Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever


Blacklegged Tick (Deer Tick)

-recently emerged in Ohio as serious pest

-mostly in forested areas

-small, 1/16” unfed

-can be active all year, depending on temperature

-can transmit Lyme disease


Lone Star Tick

-more in Southern Ohio, but found in all counties

-3/16” unfed

-mostly in shaded areas

-can transmit human monocytic ehrlichiosis & southern tick associated rash illness


The question remains: how to you protect yourself and your family against these vile creatures? There are many options out there. First, apply a bug repellent.   And make sure it is at least 25% Deet in order to repel ticks. Wear light colored clothing to make it easier to find ticks. Long sleeved shirts and pants are good too. Check yourself for ticks and remove them immediately. Keep your yard mowed. Don’t allow brush or leaf litter to accumulate. If you have any rodents living inside or near your house, get rid of them as they may be hosting ticks. If you have any tried and true methods, be sure to let us know! We’d love to hear your suggestions.