Even with the late start to the mowing season, the crews are making progress through the mulching list. Our goal is to have all of our mulch put down by the end of the month. The reason for that is: we are already planning for the next part of the season.

Our Summer pruning will be starting soon. You may notice that some of your plants are starting to look a little hairy again. With the Spring we had, the plants were very happy and pushed a lot of new growth.   What we are targeting in our next round of pruning is to get the shrubs back under control and get a nice shape to them. We will be doing a slightly more aggressive shaping on the shrubs that were flowering on our first visit. Overall, our goal is to make sure your landscape looks nice through the rest of the season.

Did you know that not all shrubs can be sheared into shape? Pruning shrubs wrong can lead to unsightly plants or even plants dying. A lot of Evergreen shrubs can be severely damaged by shearing while others will be fine. Some shrubs like Junipers cannot be pruned back past the green growth. Doing so could lead to spots never growing again. Other shrubs like Boxwood and Yews can be sheared but will need a detailed hand pruning every couple of years to make sure new growth is starting from inside the plant. Shearing a shrub can cause the majority of the growth to be at the very tips of the branches making a harder pruning not possible.