What a year this has been so far. According to the records, this is the wettest year in Ohio’s history in 129 years. Now that we are down to only being rained out once per week, everything is going fairly smoothly. However, all the rain this Spring has brought around a lot of issues with the lawns and plants. We are seeing lots of cases of Brown Patch in yards. This is a disease that loves hot humid days and lots of rain. Once things start to level out, the spots should start to disappear. The problem is that this is a soil borne disease so it will be there the next time the conditions are right for it.  We are also experiencing a problem with weeds in lawns and beds exploding in numbers and growth. All the rain this Spring has sped up the breakdown of the pre-emergent we put down in the Spring. The good news is that before you know it, we will be back around with herbicides to get control of the weeds in the lawns and the mowing crews are continuing to spray and pull weeds in beds, if you have signed up for that.

So now we start to look at what’s next for this year. We are starting to plan for aeration and overseeding which we begin in the end of September with the goal of being done by the middle of October. If you would like to get on the list for this just give us a call and we can work out your pricing. Aeration is always a good choice for your lawn because it allows the air and water to get down to the roots of the turf grass which helps stimulate root growth. Aeration also helps break up the compaction of the soil that occurs naturally. Everything from the mowers to you walking across your lawn create compaction. We have been using a couple different machines the last few years and are seeing great results from them.   If you are seeing bare areas or thin areas in your lawn, that can be helped with overseeding. We generally do aeration and overseeding at the same time which allows the seed to get into the soil to help with germination.

After aeration and overseeding comes Fall clean up. If you would like to get on that list as well, again just let us know. While we are still a couple months away from that, we are already starting to look through our equipment. We want to make sure that when the leaves start to Fall, we will be ready to go.