What a crazy year it’s been so far. We had the wettest spring on record in 129 years and while the grass slowed down this Summer, it never really went dormant. We are now starting to look ahead at the rest of the year.

Next up is aeration and overseeding. If you want to have your lawn aerated and/or overseeded and have not signed up for that, there is still time. Our crews will be starting about the week of the September 16th. As usual, our goal is to be done by the middle of October with overseeding.

The benefits of aeration are the reduction of thatch and the reduction of compaction in the yard. As a side effect of that, the roots from the grass grow deeper. The deeper the roots grow, the better the resistance to a Summer drought.

If you are noticing some thin spots in your yard, overseeding will help you out. We apply seed to your lawn at about 6–8 lbs per 1,000 square feet. This will help those bare areas fill in and thicken up your turf. The thicker the turf, the better it is at keeping weeds from growing.

We will also be around about the same time to do the next round of fertilizer. This round has herbicide in it which targets the harder to kill weeds. Weeds like Creeping Charley and Ground Ivy are hard to control. This time of year is the best to target them since they are starting to pull nutrients down into the roots for Winter. If you are interested in starting a fertilizer program for next year, this is a good time to get started. The last two applications of the year are a great way to give your yard a kick start for next year.