The Jack Pear is a one of a kind ornamental tree.  Beautiful white blooms appear in early Spring before the leaves come out.  Mine is blooming now and it is full of beautiful blossoms.

It also has a golden fall color with hues of red.  It is ideal for urban landscapes.  If you’re looking for a tree to fit a smaller space, consider the Jack Pear.  Reaching 15 to 20 ft. tall, 10 to 12 ft. wide, they don’t get that large.  They’re generally problem-free, make a good yard accent and are perfect under power lines.

The Jack Pear produces scant half inch yellow-green fruit that look like little pears.  These are thoroughly enjoyed by the squirrels, chipmunks, and especially the birds.  We’ve even seen deer under ours munching on a Winter meal.

They are deciduous and lose their leaves in the Fall.  It is recommended that you plan the Jack Pear in full sun.