Month: June 2020

New Software – Time to Upgrade

As we grow and times continue to shift and change, we adapt as well.  This year, a part of this for us is implementing new tracking software for our crews.  We’ve been working with the new software for a few months now.  While it has been a learning process, we are...

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Scheduling Challenges

This season has been a challenge since it started.  Between our shutdown in March due to Covid 19 and the rain, we are behind on all services.  The spring clean ups and mulching are ongoing and we are working our way through the list.  Because each week has been so...

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Plant Profile – Creeping Myrtle

Creeping Myrtle is a fast growing ground cover plant that is great for spaces where other flowers won’t grow, like under pine trees. It will take root and spread over the area in no time. It has a lavender flower that contrasts well with the dark green leaves. The...

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