That is the question!  Typically, in November, we like to give you dates for the upcoming show and announce the theme of our garden.  But this year is different.  COVID has brought so many challenges and changes to our everyday lives, and the Home Show has not gone unscathed.  Many of you have also probably heard that the City of Cleveland has permanently shut down the I-X Center where the Great Big Home and Garden Show has been held in the past.  Couple that with COVID, and many of us are left wondering what is going to happen with the Home Show.  Will there even be a show and if so, what will that look like while we all try to social distance?

We don’t have a definitive answer for you yet.  What we can tell you is that we’re waiting to hear what is going to happen and that we expect to hear something by the end of November.  So, stay tuned!  We should have an update for you in December’s blog.