With the leaves starting so late this year, we are adjusting our plans to finish the year.  You can read the article to the left about our leaf plan but that is not all that’s affected.  With the warmer temperatures we have been experiencing, the grass has not slowed down its growth yet.  We will be doing our best to manage both the leaves and the need to keep mowing the grass. 

The other thing we are looking to finish up is our fertilizer program.  During November, our fertilizer technician will be working his way to our fertilizer clients’ homes applying our high nitrogen granular product.  This application is called the winterizer and is actually put down for the grass to use in the spring.  This will help with the nice deep green color as the grass starts perking up in the spring.  While this may take into December, please don’t worry it is too late as it will still be able to be used by the lawn. 

The next service we have been working on is our snow and ice management.  We are prepping our equipment so that we will be ready for the first snow fall of the season.  While our routes are mostly full, we still do have some spots left open for our existing clients.

We are currently looking for small projects for our crews to work on between snow storms.  If you are interested in having dormant pruning or other types of clean up projects done, please let us know.  Dormant pruning is a great way to reduce the size of deciduous plants or start to selectively thin out trees and shrubs.  Then, come spring, they will fill out to their new shape !