When you think about creating your perfect backyard, what images come to mind? Start there and then consider how you and your family may want to use the space.

Do you want a place for your kids to run around and play? Will you be hosting gatherings of friends and family? Do you enjoy spending the evening outdoors relaxing under the stars? Are you in your element when you’re whipping up a tasty meal?

Backyard Focal Point

Once you ask yourself a few key questions, you can begin exploring how to best tailor your backyard to your needs. Consider the space available and what types of features you have in your yard. Whether your backyard is small or large, think about your ideal use of the space and make that the focal point in your design.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re passionate about food and cooking, make an outdoor kitchen your focal point. This may include a cooktop area, storage, and seating for guests. Make sure your outdoor kitchen is located with easy access to your home’s interior, so you can easily grab what you need as you prepare a meal. Consider your climate to factor ways to protect your outdoor kitchen from the elements and maximize your use of the space.

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Luxury Pool & Spa

If you envision hours spent poolside or a relaxing dip in a luxury spa, make this the focal point of your backyard. Once you consider how these elements can fit into the layout, focus on how to make it shine. You can use hardscaping, plants, and lighting to give your pool area a lush, exotic feel, so when you take a dip, it feels like an island getaway.

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Custom Fire Pit

If you enjoy spending time entertaining friends and family, a custom fire pit is a must-have. It’s a great way to extend your space and invite guests in for conversation during every season. When temperatures dip, having a fire pit is a great way to keep the good times going.

Backyard Oasis Details

After you consider the essential focal elements to include in your ideal backyard, it’s time zero in on the details. Answer questions like: What type of care and maintenance will be involved? How does your climate impact the area? How can you make your backyard reflect your style?

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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance is an important consideration. Do you want to mow and maintain grass in your backyard? If not, you may consider adding a deck, patio, or stone pathways, along with other landscaping elements to give your backyard greenery without all the maintenance of grass.


No matter how you use your backyard, it’s important to include features that offer shade. Especially on hot, sunny days, it’s nice to have a refuge. If your yard isn’t shaded by trees, you can use features to create shade like a pergola, sunshade, umbrella, or awning. You can even consider building an area with a roof for permanent shelter from the elements.


Last but not least, ask yourself what type of style will best express your taste and work well with your home’s design. Do you want the space to have a rustic feel? Or should it be ultra-modern? Do you love bright, vibrant color schemes or are earth tones right for you?

When you think about style, consider building materials, plant life, color schemes, and accessories. Even lighting is an important consideration. The right lighting fixture can become a decor focal point in your outdoor design.

Talk to the Experts

Bringing your vision for a backyard oasis to life takes know-how. There are a lot of details to consider as you plan and build your ideal space.

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