Outdoor Kitchen Mistakes to Avoid

There’s nothing like al fresco dining, and an outdoor kitchen can make it even more enjoyable. The aromas wafting from the cooktop as you and your loved ones lounge in the great outdoors set the stage for an incredible experience.

With outdoor kitchen plans, there are several critical factors to keep in mind. When you cover all your bases, you’ll be able to get the most out of the space.

Consider Your Climate

Even when you live in a climate where cold weather is a part of life, you can still create an ideal outdoor kitchen. To make the space more enjoyable, your outdoor kitchen plan needs to be weather-proof. This not only ensures the comfort of you and your loved ones but also protects your equipment and decor from harsh weather.

There are several ways you can shelter your outdoor kitchen from the elements. You can use awnings or a pergola to add some coverage. You may consider adding a permanent roof over your kitchen or seating areas. It’s the best way to ensure year-round enjoyment of the space.

You may also want to include heating so you can utilize your outdoor kitchen even when the weather is chilly. Heat lamps, an outdoor fireplace, or a fire pit are great ways to keep everyone comfortable as you cook up a tasty meal.

Have a Professional Needs Assessment

As you pull together your outdoor kitchen plan, having professional advice can help you accurately establish your budget and bring your vision to life in a timely manner. That’s why it makes sense to share your ideas with a professional who understands how to make your outdoor kitchen a reality.

Some important areas to explore:

  • Building material choices: There are countless options for your style that offer the durability needed to brave the elements.
  • Water supply & drainage: It is possible, but consider your climate and winterizing needs.
  • Location: Make sure you allow enough space for what you have planned and don’t locate an outdoor kitchen too far from entryways.
  • Cooktop & storage: Do you want a traditional grill, smoker, or flat cooktop and burners? Establish the cooking appliances that suit your culinary needs, and make sure to include areas to store cooking supplies.
  • Seating areas: Your outdoor kitchen can include elements like seating around a fireplace, island, or a dining arrangement.

Bring Your Outdoor Kitchen Plan to Life

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