As April is now upon us, we are out getting started on our clean ups.  We have a schedule together and before mowing begins, we have all of our maintenance crews out working on them.  While we are focusing on commercial properties right now since it is early, we are planning on getting residential clients taken care of as well. 

Before long, we will have the mow crews out cutting.  The mowers have been serviced as well as the small equipment.  Over the next couple of weeks, we will be putting the routes together.  While it is cold now, the grass will be growing before long.

While I was out last week, I was looking at the flowers and trees.  The leaf buds are swelling and the flower buds are getting ready to pop.  The beautiful colors of spring will be here soon to replace the dreary colors of winter.

We are excited to announce that our hispanic co-workers will be arriving in about 2 weeks (mid-April)!  We are actively interviewing and hiring for a few remaining spots and then we will be fully staffed.  We are looking forward to an awesome year ahead!

Spring is here and it’s going to be exciting!