This year is starting out to be a wet one!  The crews are working to get through their routes, but the weather is giving us a run for our money.  Our plan is to keep going as we can, even if it means our Friday customers are getting mowed on the following Monday.  When we are able, we will be doing our best to get back onto our normal schedules. 

Our fertilizer program is in the same battle with the weather.  We are working our way through the route as best we can.  Our goal is to get this first round done in the next 3 weeks so we can get started on round 2 soon after that.  Even though you may start to see some weeds popping in your lawns, we will be there soon to get them hit with the herbicide and crabgrass pre-emergent. 

Our enhancement crew is working hard on spring clean ups and mulch as well.  Our Operations Manager has a schedule together and we will be getting to everyone as soon as possible. As always, our goal is to be done with mulch before July 4. 

We have some availability this summer for smaller projects that we can slide in between mid-summer prunings. If you are looking at your yard and see some things you would like changed or just cleaned up, please give us a call. 

Lastly, we still have a few employment spots open on our team.  If you know of anyone who is looking for a career in the landscape industry, have them reach out to us.  We would be glad to talk to them!  They can even apply online on our website: