It’s the beginning of July and the grass is dormant in most areas.  There are still some hints of green in areas and people with irrigation systems are very obvious right now.  Coming into the holiday weekend, the mowing crews visited and cleaned up most lawns to make sure they were fresh and ready for your holiday get togethers.  With that being said, moving forward, we will be visiting properties less.  If you only have us mow, it may be two to three weeks between visits at this point.  If you have us take care of your weeds, the crews will still be visiting your property weekly even if it is just to make sure the weeds are kept under control. 

The next thing you should be expecting to see is the start of the mid-summer pruning.  With the grass slowing down, the mowing crews will be helping get the pruning done.  If you selected pruning on your contract, you don’t need to worry.  The crews will be coming around and getting your shrubs taken care of.  If you did not sign up in the spring for pruning but would like to get your property finished, just give us a call.  We still have room to get a few more done. 

We are also looking ahead with other projects.  We are looking to take on some smaller projects in the fall. If you have something that you were thinking about, now is a great time to have us come out and look at it.  We are also scheduling work that we can do through the winter.  Examples would be dormant pruning or cleaning up a property or wooded area.  If this interests you, let us know.