Top 5 Beautiful Backyard Plants 

Summer is in full bloom! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the grass needs to be mowed again. It’s not too late to get new and interesting shrubs and other flowering plants into your landscape design for this season. We’ve got you covered with loads of ideas on colorful blooms, ohio native plants and other favorites to frame out those backyard beds.  

Liven Up the Yard with Colorful Blooms

We all know those key perennial staples like salvia, hostas, catmint, daylilies and landscaping monkey grass (just to name a few), but if you’re looking to really liven up the yard with color and unique blooms this season, try one or more of these unique plants. 

Blue Honeywort

This abundantly flowering and easy-to-grow plant is simply magical. prettiest combination of blue leaves/bracts and purple flowers. A native of the Mediterranean, blue honeywort wows both in the ground and in containers, and it’s drought-tolerant. 

Bleeding Heart

Part of the poppy family, the bleeding heart obviously gets its name from the intricate heart-shape petals. The hearts bloom from arching stems, and each bloom has a drop of color “bleeding” through from the bottom.

Giant Allium

These large, purple, softball-sized spheres make for a fun addition to any garden. At their largest variety, alliums can grow to 8 or 10 inches in diameter but they also come as small as lollipops. Either way, these whimsical blooms add interest to the landscape. They’re also deer-resistant and rodent-proof.  

Spider Mums

These exotic and enchanting blooms often get overshadowed by their fall decor staple relative, the garden mum, but there’s so much to love (despite the creepy crawly name). The tube-like petals make for a distinctive addition to any bouquet. Plant these Asia natives in full sun with well-drained soil.

Wild Maypop

Check out these frazzled flowers! The thin, purple petals look wavy and crimped and extend out from underneath showy green elements and a yellow berry. Maypop berries are edible, and the name comes from the “pop” they make when crushed.

Native Plants To Use in Ohio Landscapes

If the interesting and unfamiliar plants seem like too big a leap, native plants always make excellent choices for any landscape. These plants thrive in Ohio weather and are tolerant, trustworthy additions to your design. Try one or more of these Ohio native plants this year: 

  • Butterfly weed: it tolerates drought with little maintenance, and attracts hummingbirds as well as butterflies. 
  • Goldenrod: a smart addition for gardeners with a pollen sensitivity (even though it’s often confused with ragweed!). 
  • Black-eyed susan: another drought-tolerant perennial that’s bright and easy to grow. 
  • Turtlehead: these snapdragon-like flowers in white or light pink bring late summer blooms and attract hummingbirds.  

Other Popular Garden Plants 

They may not be native to Ohio, but other plants thrive in our weather and can add unique accents and detail to your landscaping project. Peek at popular garden plants like swamp milkweed, creeping myrtle, cardinal flower, beebalm, or peonies, which can each add vibrant color to your backyard canvas. 

Top Backyard Plant Trends for Summer 2022

We all know the importance of checking the forecast when we plan to spend time in the garden, but what about the trends forecast for what to utilize there? Check out some of the backyard planting trends you might incorporate in your landscape this summer. 

  1. Go tropical! Not heading out of town any time soon? Try getting some tropical plants into your garden. These bright and festive florals will bring vacation vibes to the landscape. Try a hardy, hibiscus-like rose of sharon, showy canna lilies, birds of paradise, and bold foliage from caladium.
  2. Use dark foliage. Want those flowers to really pop? Stage them alongside stunning heuchera, purple diamond loropetalum or weigela for bold contrast and deep color. 
  3. Mental (and sentimental) health. The garden should be a peaceful space that draws people in and helps them connect to the natural world. It neutralizes some of our perfectionist tendencies and it also has the ability to bring back fond memories. Consider planting something in memory of a loved one, or transplanting a family plant from a relative’s home to dial up the sentimental value. 

Bring Your Backyard to Life with Brothers Grimm

A great garden always begins with a bright idea. But we all know the design and execution can be a challenge for even a seasoned gardener. Talk to Brothers Grimm about native Ohio shrubs and popular garden plants that can shine in your yard, as well as how we can help create your  picturesque landscape.