Types of Inground Pools to Consider

At Brothers Grimm, we know how to create spectacular pools. If you’re planning to install an inground pool in the future, we can help explain the different materials, maintenance and customization available to help you choose the best fit. There are many different types of pools as well as inground pool shapes – your landscape pool designer will work with you to understand your design preferences and lifestyle to select options tailored to your space and budget.

Learn more about the types of inground pools available on the market, and which types Brothers Grimm installs for our clients. Then talk with our experts about which style makes sense for your vision and maintenance preferences!



Fiberglass is a low-maintenance material that comes from small glass threads that get woven into a fabric and covered with a polyester resin for hardening. A weather-resistant gel then goes on top for a smooth finish. While these pools are the least expensive option and don’t need to be resurfaced, they do have the highest percentage of problems in freezing climates. Fiberglass pools are molded into common pool shapes and delivered as a single shell. Designers drop it into the excavated hole in the yard using a crane. Its pre-formed shape makes for an easy installation process, however, fiberglass does not offer customization for homeowners. Brothers Grimm offers custom pool designs – since fiberglass doesn’t fit that model, we don’t use this material for our clients.



Vinyl liner pools are less expensive than concrete inground pools, but can still be made into customizable shapes and sizes. This format starts with a steel or polymer frame that’s leveled out with sand and covered with a vinyl liner. Vinyl is a flexible material that holds the water within the pool structure and makes for a smooth pool surface. It gets vacuumed tightly to remove wrinkles before water goes in. This installation process is lengthier than fiberglass, but still possible in a few weeks time.  

Tears can happen in the liner, but pool experts can make patches and extend its lifespan. The liner will need to be replaced over time, and cost varies based on size, thickness and pattern. Luckily, the liner designs have improved and expanded in recent years, making design options more exciting for homeowners. Brothers Grimm installs a wide variety of these pools for our clients as they are a popular choice.



Concrete is a great option for a long-term, easy-to-maintain pool. While this material is the most pricey and takes the longest to install, steel-reinforced concrete is highly durable and gives landscape designers the ability to customize the pool shape and color, making concrete an attractive option to many pool owners. Brothers Grimm builds everything from unique stairs to ramps, ledges, and more. The process starts with an excavated hole in the ground that’s lined with steel rods to craft the homeowner’s desired shape. Next, landscapers spray the steel with gunite (a sand, water and concrete mixture) and let it cure. The next layer is more cement with marble dust and sometimes colored quartz. These layers and materials don’t corrode or oxidize – they actually become stronger as time goes on. 

Concrete can also be used as a base for tile and stone finishes, creating even more custom design options. Just know that tiles can chip or fall off altogether and will require draining to repair, so keep that in mind for future maintenance needs.

Brothers Grimm Inground Pools

It might start with a pool, but the Brothers Grimm Landscaping team will make sure your backyard oasis is personalized with beautiful plants and flowers, stylish sidewalks, even a fountain or spa. Talk to us today about how and when an inground pool and landscaping project is possible for you.