Beautiful fence separating pool

Incorporate Pool Landscaping Into Your Backyard Experience

A pool is just the beginning of a backyard oasis. The elements around the pool make the experience more luxurious and truly bring the space to life. Whether you’ve got your pool and want to take it to the next level with a complete backyard landscaping job, or you’re ready to transform the yard completely, Brothers Grimm will make this a reality. Our many years of proven expertise will create a personalized, stylish retreat just for you. From plants and flowers, to fountains, structures, lighting and more, Brothers Grimm can incorporate pool landscaping into your backyard experience.

Benefits Provided by Pool Landscaping

Beauty, privacy, shade and polish are just a few of the many benefits from landscaping a pool. Think of the finished look with all the green accents alongside concrete pavers surrounding the in-ground pool itself. Imagine the tropical touches that take your yard from a simple splash pad to a luxurious retreat. With some creative and strategic touches, certain tall plants can eliminate a neighbor’s sight lines for added privacy in the right places, while others can deliver shade for ultra-sunny days. The possibilities are endless.    

Pool Landscaping Ideas

There is more to landscaping means than just the stunning greenery of plants, trees and other pretty green things. Brothers Grimm also incorporates the artful elements of hardscaping – paths, stairs, walls, etc. – that complement the living elements of landscape design. Our team of landscaping professionals blend together all of these components together in your backyard. Here are some popular and impactful ideas to inspire you.

Paver Paths

Stamped concrete surrounds are a popular choice for pool walkways and adjacent sidewalks, but if you want to work more grass into the design, consider paver paths. These are individual slabs that deliver the stability of concrete with a more dissected, organic look. The pattern, shapes, sizes and colors offer endless options for customization. We can even work these into steps and neighboring patio designs for a cohesive look.

Fountains & Slides

Tropical lagoon or party playground … or both? Incorporate a unique water feature with an earthy rock fountain or waterfall and pair it with a healthy mix of island-inspired vegetation for lagoon vibes. To create more of a youthful energy and space to splash around, add a slide. Better yet, talk to your pools and landscaping expert about how to do it all. 

Use Plants for Privacy & Framing

Flower beds around the perimeter of the pool deck can frame the pool space and establish a walkway to other areas of the yard. These beds could hold petite shrubs or tall box hedges for more privacy where needed. If it feels like a large space to plan for, your landscaper can offer advice about possible theming to help narrow in on ideal plant selection. For example, we might choose bold foliage and bright flowers over succulents and earth tones when considering a jungle vs desert aesthetic. It’s completely up to you and what you want the space to feel like.

Structures Provide Shade & Extra Space

Add some shade to your poolside days with a structure near the pool. A simple pergola or gazebo with relaxing lounge chairs can certainly provide the respite you need. But also consider a pool house or outdoor kitchen to make entertaining a breeze. A pool house gives you easy access to a bathroom, extra space for any overnight guests and creates extra storage space that’s close to the pool (which eliminates the need to drag everything to the garage at the end of a long day or long pool season). Outdoor kitchens keep the party out of your main kitchen and closer to the water, too. 

Schedule a Pool Landscaping Consultation

Talk to Brothers Grimm to discuss all that you’d love to see in your soon-to-be spa-like yard. We offer it all: full design service, complete construction and turnkey installation on the entire project. You’ll love the incredible transformation and enjoy countless days relaxing and socializing in this special custom designed space. Don’t wait another day – make the call to 330-882-4639 to start the conversation.