This year it feels like we blinked and it is already November.  As with years past, mother nature is keeping us on our toes.  Last year, we were waiting for the leaves to fall.  This year is the exact opposite.  Our crews are out working through the routes to get everyone’s leaves cleaned up.  If you have a city pickup, we are working our schedules around those dates.  The goal is to have the crews there just before your pickup is scheduled.  For everyone else, we have our leaf truck running behind the crews.  You will typically see the leaf truck come to remove the leaves the day after the piles are made. 

The other thing we are working on is getting our last round of fertilizer down.  You will start to see our technician coming around and applying our high nitrogen granular application.  This is targeted to help give the grass a good start in the spring.  This application may take into December but don’t worry, it will still do what it is supposed to. 

Finally for this month, we just want to remind you that we still have some openings for projects that can be done over the winter months.  Our crews are able to do things like dormant pruning, brush clearing, or other small projects.  If you would like more information, just reach out and give us a call. 

Looking forward, we are finalizing our snow plans for this season.  The plows and salt spreaders are being serviced and the salt and calcium has already started to arrive.  Within the next few weeks, we will have everything finalized and be waiting for the first snow event!

 Jason Deuble, Account Manager

[email protected]