Think luxurious pool add-ons like a waterfall are only for five star hotels and six-figure mansions? Think again! The pros at Brothers Grimm Landscaping & Design Co. are your hookup for all the sumptuous details that elevate pool design in residential settings. If you’re entertaining the idea of installing a home pool, additions like these can make every dip, party or tanning session even more fun—while helping keep the rest of your home out of the splashy action.

Check out our favorite luxury pool design ideas for creating the user-friendly oasis your family deserves.

Cool Pool Add-Ons

There are many types of inground pools, and they all bring the benefit of summer sun and fun to your property. A pool is more than just a hole in the ground, though. It’s the focal point of your yard, so make it stunningly inviting with any of these luxurious pool additions.​

Tanning Ledge

If you’ve ever set your folding chair where the ocean and beach meet so you could catch the sun’s rays while keeping your toes in the water, you need a pool design with a tanning ledge. This area is separated from the main pool by a low wall and maintains a shallow depth that’s just right for cooling off as you bake. It’s also a safe place for young children to enjoy the water. Level up this pool feature with special lighting (more on that in a moment) or bubblers.

Pool House

The big drawback of a home pool is the wet footprints and drippy trails through your kitchen, living room, hallways and bathroom. Eliminate those headaches with a pool house. Additions can be limited to a basic changing room, but don’t underestimate the often overlooked benefits of a pool house: a dedicated bathroom and kitchen, a guest bedroom and extra storage for all those pool toys, tools and furniture. Plus, a luxury pool house design adds value to your home and can even be rented out for income that offsets the investment.

Waterfall Feature

When it comes to impressive pool features, nothing beats an eye-catching waterfall. Customize yours to look natural as it spills forth from rugged landscaping or opt for a contemporary water curtain issuing from a sleek fixture. Either way, the tranquil sound of cascading liquid adds a calm bit of luxury in one of the more affordable pool amenities available.

Impressive Lighting

Light up your luxury pool design with underwater lighting. Not only do these lights look fabulous any time of year, but they’ll also make your nighttime swimming a lot safer. And make no mistake — you’ll definitely want an after-dark dip once you’ve got one of the impressive Brothers Grimm backyard pool designs enhancing your property.

Home Spa

A hot tub or whirlpool is one of those pool accessories you might not think of right away. But adding a home spa area to your luxury pool design guarantees year-round use even as temps take the plunge. Soothe sore muscles, alleviate joint pain and invite off-season relaxation with a spa area designed to elevate pool enjoyment for everyone.

Flexible Privacy

Want privacy without ugly fencing or huge trees that cause cleanup headaches in the fall? Include modern wall panels in your pool additions for the ultimate in flexibility. Customize the size and material, including both transparent glass and opaque materials, to suit your space and comfort level. Incorporate moveable walls into your hardscaping for the convenience of privacy when you want it and openness when the occasion calls for it.

Decorative Waterline Tile

One of our favorite luxury pool design ideas is colorful waterline tile. Like a border around a flower bed, a line of tile at the surface of the water brings a sumptuous finishing touch to all backyard pool designs. Choose glass tiles to elevate pool reflections, ceramic or porcelain to achieve a high-end look, or stone tiles to keep the effect natural and rustic.

Hardscapes & Landscaping

No pool is an island. To create your dream backyard oasis, you need more than the latest technical pool features — you need to know how to landscape around your pool. Additions like paved pathways, a covered area for relief from the sun and other spaces for relaxing and entertaining, elevate pool use beyond swimming laps. And don’t forget the plants! The Brothers Grimm are experts at suggesting trees, bushes and plants that add lush variety to your space while minimizing upkeep.

Relaxing pool with space for both sun and shade.
Small Water Feature off of Retainer Wall
Small Water Feature off of Retainer Wall
Pool with two pavilion areas.

Ready to Bring Your Luxury Pool Design Ideas to Life?

From bespoke pool features to tailored landscaping to custom luxury pool house design, we do it all at Brothers Grimm. Our services include everything from choosing the right type of pool for your property to designing your outdoor living space to installing and landscaping it to your specifications—we’ll even help you maintain your backyard oasis with mowing and trimming. Are you ready to dive into your personal backyard pool design? Contact us today to get started!​