Many homeowners dream of having a luxurious inground backyard pool where family and friends can relax and enjoy warm weather. But they often hesitate to pull the trigger on that dreamy oasis because they’ve heard about pool contractor problems from people with bad experiences.

So, how do you go about choosing in-ground pool contractors near you that will do what they say without leaving you high and dry?

The pros at Brothers Grimm Landscape & Design Co. have been creating sumptuous swimming pool installations in Ohio for over 27 years — and we understand how intimidating it can be to weed through the waves of pool builders out there.

We’ve put together our best tips for how to choose a pool contractor you can trust to bring your backyard vision to life while building trust and respecting your property.


Benefits of Trusted Pool Builders

It may seem obvious, but you need to have a high level of trust in someone to let them dig up your backyard and install a swimming pool. Contractor reliability is not guaranteed — you likely know someone (or someone who knows someone) who’s got a horrifying story about pool builders overcharging them, ruining their property or disappearing after cashing their deposit check. Those cautionary tales are why it’s so important to understand how to choose a pool contractor with integrity, experience and proven outcomes.

The benefits of selecting reliable, trustworthy pool builders include:

Years of Experience

Nearly half of all swimming pool contractor businesses fail in their first three years of doing business. That means a pool contractor with staying power is doing something right — like fulfilling contracts without skipping town, stealing money or destroying client property. Read the company’s About Us page to see how long they’ve been in business and get an idea of what their credentials are.

Custom Design Options

Luxury pool builders that have been around a while are usually knowledgeable about a wide range of pool amenities that enhance the experience of summertime relaxation. If you want more than a water-filled hole in the ground for your investment, you need a professional swimming pool contractor who can explore add-ons like a waterfall, tanning ledge or pool house with an informed sense of capability.

An Ongoing Relationship

Once the concrete has cured and the landscaping is installed, how will you maintain your al fresco oasis? The best pool builders offer a long-term swimming pool service and repair package that covers upkeep for the hardscape and landscape areas around your pool. Don’t hesitate to ask the pool builders you’re vetting what types of maintenance services are included in their construction package and how they handle long-term needs like cleaning, plant pruning and winterizing.

How to Avoid Pool Contractor Problems

Do Your Homework.

Whether you talk to neighbors and colleagues who’ve had pools installed or look for red flags on sites like Angi and the Better Business Bureau, a little research can help you separate fly-by-night pool builders from reliable contractors.

Get All The Details In Writing.

The process of pool design and installation is complicated. It may involve subcontractors who are licensed for electrical, plumbing or other specialized work. Reputable pool builders will put everything in writing for you before breaking ground, so you can have reasonable expectations for the cost and timeline of each step.

Consider The Experiences Of Previous Customers.

Check out trusted pool and spa reviews online to get an idea of who’s trustworthy. Reading comments from customers and looking at gallery images of completed projects on the site of the pool contractor you’re considering is great, but it’s best if you can speak with those homeowners directly.

Ask For And Verify Insurance And Licensure.

All reputable luxury pool builders are insured for worker’s comp and property damage liability, and most subcontractors carry licenses to practice within their trade associations. They should not balk at presenting these documents on demand.

Listen To Your Gut.

At the end of the day, you have to feel comfortable with a pool contractor and installation team that will spend a lot of time on your property. Did you feel they listened openly to your needs and understood your vision for the project? Were you able to ask all your questions — and were their answers completely satisfying? Does the contract align with the research you’ve done and contain specifics on everything from pool add-ons to payment schedules? Your intuition is the last piece of the puzzle that makes up how to choose a pool builder. If you feel you’ll be treated fairly and get a good value for your investment, you can likely relax and tell yourself you’ve found the best pool contractor near me.

Find the Best Builder For Your Custom Pool Design

At Brothers Grimm Landscaping, our favorite project is the one that elevates your family’s everyday backyard experience. Contact us to talk about a custom pool or other ways to bring to life your vision for a luxury at-home oasis.