Why Add Accessories to Your Pool or Backyard?

Outdoor entertaining is one of the greatest joys of the warmer months. The scent of charcoal burning and the sound of birds chirping make a delightful backdrop for friends and loved ones to gather and reconnect.

What’s your gameplan for backyard entertaining? Does it boil down to a couple of folding chairs around the grill and a Bluetooth speaker blaring your fave tunes?

The pros at Brothers Grimm Landscaping can help you do better. From deciding on your backyard’s focal point to enhancing your pool with water feature ideas for all ages, we’ve got big plans for your warm-weather outdoor hosting.

Key things to consider when designing your backyard include:

  •  The size of your space
  •  Your family’s recreational or entertaining needs
  •  How much privacy you have or would like to have
  •  The impact of local wildlife on your space
  •  Any homeowner’s association rules or regulations
  •  The existing landscaping or natural features
  •  How your backyard looks from inside your home

Outdoor Entertainment Area Ideas

Want to create a backyard oasis that’s welcoming, gorgeous and functional? You’re in the right place! Whether you’ve already got a swimming pool, you need to choose a trustworthy pool contractor or you’re looking to elevate your backyard entertainment acumen without adding a pool, the Brothers Grimm can help.

Let’s dive in (sorry not sorry) to some fun pool add-ons first, then we’ll get into some outdoor entertainment ideas that take place on dry land.

Pool Features for Kids & Grownups

A swimming pool is a great backyard focal point — but without any pool accessories or water features, it’s just a big hole filled with water. Here are a few fun pool ideas to level up your wet and wild outdoor entertaining game, plus a few luxury pool add-ons to consider.

Pool Diving Board

Of all the pool accessories for adults, an invitation to dive in head first is likely the most controversial. Make sure you’ve got deep enough water for a pool diving board before adding one. Or discuss the option during the pool design process.

Slide for Pool Coolness

A slide is one of the best pool features for bringing all the generations together in childlike fun. From toddlers to teens to middle-aged beauty queens to septuagenarian swimmers, everyone loves the feeling of flying down a slide and splashing into the pool water. Features can include a tube enclosure or curves that lead around shallow areas and splash down in the deep end.

Tanning Ledge for More Than Sunbathing

A tanning ledge is a multi-functional pool water feature. Primarily it’s a place for adults to soak up the rays while keeping their toes cool in the water. But because it’s separated from the main pool by a low wall, it’s also a safe place for young children to enjoy the water. Submerged lighting and bubblers elevate this pool water feature.

Poolside Bar & Lounge

If tropical drinks with umbrellas in them are the go-to pool accessories for adults in your circle, a poolside bar and lounge area is a must. An outdoor umbrella, folding table and chairs will do — but a custom structure with a roof, running water and electrical outlets makes your outdoor entertainment area more welcoming and comfortable.

Year-Round At-Home Spa

Ohio has a relatively short season for enjoying your swimming pool and pool features. Prolong that indulgence by adding a hot tub or whirlpool. These pool add-ons invite off-season relaxation and extend your backyard entertainment area into a year-round amenity. You might also consider the benefits of a pool house for happier guests and a cleaner, dryer home interior.

Basketball Hoop

Make the most of a large open space with a portable basketball hoop. All ages and ability levels can benefit from the exercise and fun of dribbling, passing and swishing that orange ball. A hard surface like cement is best, but a flat, level yard will do for a bit of backyard b-balling. Get the action going with a hoop-shooting game of Pig or a little friendly kids-vs-adults competition.

Fire Table

Level up the drama with a fire table. These free-standing, self-contained furniture pieces are a great option for small backyards or patios that don’t have space for a fire pit. They make a great centerpiece for an outdoor entertainment area that sparks conversation while keeping everyone warm on chilly evenings.

Games on Deck

Section your yard into zones designated for a variety of games, like cornhole or Giant Jenga. This is one of our favorite outdoor entertainment ideas for large families or groups because you can make space for everyone to have the experience they want. Kids can be loud and rowdy in the active games area while adults play cards or chat in a quieter zone. Use furniture, landscaping, rugs and strings of lights to delineate the various zones.

Privacy with Natural Flair

Love your neighbors but still want privacy for your backyard entertaining? Use landscaping to shield your space from prying eyes while keeping it green and lush. There are tons of unique plants for backyard beautifying, and many of them grow tall enough to provide privacy. From hedgerows to vertical hydroponic plantings to potted tropical trees, nature’s bounty creates the best seclusion for your backyard oasis.

Al Fresco Kitchen

The grill might be one of your favorite backyard and pool features, but some outdoor entertainment ideas require more — like a pizza oven and prep areas. An outdoor kitchen allows you to indulge all your culinary flights of fancy while staying involved in the conversation and fun of the party. Plus, it keeps your indoor kitchen clean of all the backyard entertainment mess.

Elevate Your Backyard Experience With Brother’s Grimm

Ready to explore the possibilities for your home’s outdoor entertainment area? The Brothers Grimm have been leveling up the backyard entertainment game of Ohioans since 1995 with professional landscaping, pool design and more. Contact us today to get started bringing your backyard oasis into reality.