Pools and landscaping go together like summer and ice cream. And there are just as many options for pool landscaping as there are flavors of frozen treats! All those possibilities can feel overwhelming and lead to questions, like:

  • Is it necessary to have the pool and landscaping both installed at the same time?
  • What’s the process for landscaping a pool area?
  • How do you choose the right elements of backyard landscaping with pool enjoyment in mind?

The pros at Brothers Grimm Landscaping & Design have been creating luxurious backyard experiences for nearly 30 years – so we have loads of pool landscaping ideas for leveling up your alfresco entertaining!

Read on for our seasoned answers to all your questions, including the benefits of around-pool landscaping for new and existing swimming pools. Plus, we offer some fun suggestions for adding luxury landscaping elements to create your own unique outdoor living space.

Benefits Provided by Pool Landscaping

Want your swimming pool to be more than just a hole in the ground? Of course you do! That’s where pool landscaping swoops in to save the summer day! Brothers Grimm goes beyond installing custom swimming pools – we offer pool landscaping and design services so you can enjoy the full experience of an integrated entertainment area.

Note that you don’t have to have backyard landscaping with pool installation done at the same time. You can still get all the landscaping benefits if you have the greenery planted after the pool is complete.

No matter when you do it, landscaping a pool delivers elevated enjoyment with:

  • Visual Interest – Plants and trees add both color and texture that are more interesting to look at than plain patios.
  • Privacy – Bushes and trees can block sightlines from the street or neighbors for a sense of freedom.
  • Ambiance – Being among greenery increases feelings of relaxation while reducing stress.
  • Luxury – Landscaping can evoke a sense of abundance and luxurious indulgence.
  • Sun Relief – Trees deliver the shade you and your family need during breaks from splashing in the sun.
  • A Natural Experience – Flowers and other greenery can soften the edges of hardscapes around your pool, like patios and walkways, for a more natural look and feel.

Pool Landscaping Ideas

The process of landscaping a pool begins with a conversation. A member of the Brothers Grimm team comes to look at your space and hear about your vision for luxurious backyard landscaping with a pool as the focal point. We’ll walk through the three steps for customizing your landscape, which are:

  1. Defining your goals for the space (entertaining, privacy, aesthetics, etc.)
  2. Adding unique features to your landscape (outdoor kitchen, fountain, spa area, etc.)
  3. Checking in on reality (budget and space limitations)

Once we know how you want your pool and landscaping to function, we can dive into all the ways we can make it happen! Here are some great backyard landscaping ideas that can help elevate your swimming pool and enhance your everyday life:

Create Dimension with Paver Paths

Using pavers – aka geometric slabs of stone or concrete typically laid atop gravel or sand to create walkways – instead of poured concrete can be a cost-effective choice for adding dimension to your pool landscaping. In particular, oversized pavers embedded into a swath of grass bring a modern feel to your space while defining pathways.

Use Plants for Privacy and Framing

Backyard privacy is a concern for most homeowners. And combining pools and landscaping offers wonderful opportunities for creative seclusion that don’t feel closed in. A row of fast-growing arborvitae or other bushes creates a green “wall” that limits noise pollution while shielding the view into your yard. For a more versatile approach, tall potted plants can be relocated as needed to camouflage sunbathers or diners.

Change the Mood with LED Lighting

Nothing changes the ambiance of a space like lighting! From sweet string lights across a dining area to focused uplighting that highlights your landscaping to in-pool lights for nighttime swimming, the right lighting enhances your outdoor life. Outdoor lighting is one of the Brothers Grimm services that adds both security and functionality to pools and landscaping.

Add Fountains and Slides for an At-Home Resort Effect

Non-pool water features might not spring to mind when you’re sketching out your pool landscaping ideas. But a fabulous fountain brings in the luxurious feel of a resort – and adding a slide levels up the fun factor for both kids and adults!

Get Shady With Structures That Maximize Space

Soaking up the sun by the pool is great – but everyone needs a break from it once in a while. Whether your around-pool landscaping includes shade-bearing trees or not, you can add features that upgrade your backyard entertainment while doubling as cover from those hot rays. Structures like an outdoor kitchen or covered poolside bar and lounge pair beautifully with both luxury landscaping and umbrellaed drinks. Gazebos, decks, a pool house, or even the slatted roof of a pergola can offer shady respite on sizzling days.

Use Rock to Add Natural Texture

If you envision your pool and landscaping as an extension of the green spaces surrounding your property, consider more natural landscaping ideas. We love the look of retaining walls and boulders embedded into lush around-pool landscaping! They add texture and visual interest while retaining an authenticity that feels welcoming. Plus, edging a pool, waterfall or spa with rock is one of those easy outdoor upgrades that increase home value. Win-win!

Schedule a Pool Landscaping Consultation

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