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Halfway Through 2018

It is hard to believe that we are already half way through 2018.  This Spring has been very busy for us thanks to all of you.  We are glad to say we are almost done with mulching and are looking forward to our second round of pruning.  If you signed up for pruning on...

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Plant Profile – Liriope

Liriope are low, grass-like, flowering plants.  They originated in East Asia and Southeast Asia.  Although it is sometimes called Lilyturf, it is neither a true grass or a Lily.  Some folks confuse Liriope with Monkey Grass, which is also known as Mondo Grass. ...

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Our Stinging Insect Policy

An interesting phenomenon happened here at Brothers Grimm last year.  Within one week of each other, two of our key employees ended up in the ER with allergic reactions to stinging insects.  Jacob was first after he was stung by a honeybee and Jason followed the next...

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Bugs That Bug Me – Mosquitoes

I don’t know about you all, but the mosquitoes at our house have been atrocious this year.  They are plentiful and they are voracious – my poor 8 year old is mosquito attractant and they enjoy feasting on her.  Mosquitoes belong to the same family as flies.  They have...

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Swimming Into Summer

Our Design Build Department is in full swimming pool mode.  If you love to swim or just relax in the water, there is nothing quite like an inground pool in your own backyard.  From design to installation, we handle it all.  We like to think the pool is part of the...

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June’s Plant Profile – Little Henry Itea

Little Henry Itea is a deciduous shrub that gets about two feet tall and wide. Its green foliage turns red, orange, and gold in the fall.  The very pronounced white flowers appear in June and will typically last through July.  The plant likes to be in full sun and can...

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Jumping Into June

Even with the late start to the mowing season, the crews are making progress through the mulching list.  Our goal is to have all of our mulch put down by the end of the month.  The reason for that is we are already planning for the next part of the season.  Our Summer...

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Lawns are Turning Yellow!

While the grass is finally starting to grow, the nemesis of many people is also starting as well.  The dandelions have made a strong run this year with many lawns going from green to yellow in a matter of days.  If this is a problem you are having, just let us know. ...

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May’s Plant Profile – Serviceberry

The Serviceberry is a smaller tree that has wonderful interest all year long.  In the Spring, the trees get a beautiful white flower all over them.  The blooms occur from March to April and will start to disappear as the leaves start to bud out.  The multi trunk...

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Spring Has Joined Us!

Wow!! It is hard to believe we got a blast of snow just three weeks ago.  While Spring has taken a while to get going, our crews have not.  They have been hard at work getting properties clean up, mulched, and ready for the season.  We have our list of work put...

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