Grass Seed vs Sod

Is your new construction lot ready to “go green?” Does your lackluster lawn need a bit of love? Now’s the time to talk about how to turn your turf (or lack thereof) into a green oasis. Making the right decision between grass seed vs sod starts with knowing your soil....

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Underwater & Overwatering Lawn

Are You Underwatering—or Worse— Overwatering Your Lawn?The secret to a lush green lawn is to make sure your grass is getting just the right amount of water. What’s challenging is that the “right amount” of water differs from lawn to lawn. The type of soil, climate,...

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Change of Seasons

With the leaves starting so late this year, we are adjusting our plans to finish the year.  You can read the article to the left about our leaf plan but that is not all that’s affected.  With the warmer temperatures we have been experiencing, the grass has not slowed...

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