Underwater & Overwatering Lawn

Are You Underwatering—or Worse— Overwatering Your Lawn?The secret to a lush green lawn is to make sure your grass is getting just the right amount of water. What’s challenging is that the “right amount” of water differs from lawn to lawn. The type of soil, climate,...

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How to Landscape Around Your Pool

Enjoying summer with a backyard pool is certainly a memorable experience. A well designed and landscaped backyard oasis, however, can be magical. Inground pool landscaping offers homeowners the ability to transport themselves to the tropics as well as increase the...

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What Plants Help with Drainage

Nobody loves sitting water in the yard. Whether it’s a result of compact/clay subsoil, a sloping landscape, or seasonal rain, poorly drained soil can lead to a muddy aesthetic issue. Or worse: it  can create foundation issues within your home.  Planting is a smart way...

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