Reasons to Want a Pool House

When we daydream about enjoying a backyard pool, we tend to think of sparkling blue water, perfecting a golden tan in the company of friends and family, and floating along with a drink tucked into our raft cup holder. In reality, that sparkling water will get tracked inside the house every time someone runs to the bathroom or the kitchen (especially when your raft drink is empty). Those rafts–and all the people you’ve invited over–also have to find a home.

Building a pool house makes it much easier to enjoy the lounging aspect of pool ownership rather than worrying about all the logistics of hosting a pool party and cleaning up after guests. Read on to learn how you can make an even bigger splash outside the pool when you consider the entertaining, hospitality, storage and logistical benefits of building a pool house. 

Bathroom Facilities

Keep Your House Dry

The pool might be outside, but the people in the pool will be inside more than you expect. It’s only normal for them to have to use the bathroom, but it’d be nice if they kept those drippy footsteps to a minimum, wouldn’t it? An outdoor pool bathroom gives you and your guests separate bathroom facilities that keep the main living spaces dry. Imagine constantly mopping up a tile floor path to the hall bathroom, or worse – living room carpet! Skip the carpet and rugs in the pool house to keep cleanup much simpler. 

Provide a Changing Area

A pool house gives party goers their own space to change before they’re sopping wet, too. They can keep dry clothes nearby in the pool house (and off your kitchen table, hall tree, etc.), even if it’s not a full guest house. A small pool house or less complex cabana – even if it’s just for changing – is still a huge convenience for pool party guests. Not to mention the fact that saying you’ve got a backyard cabana is just plain cool.

Guest House

Add Property Value

If you’re going to go to the trouble of furnishing a finished bathroom, it makes sense to go just one step further to include a guest room as well. Extra bedrooms always add to the overall value of a property so it’s a move that pays off in the long run. This additional space also means you’ve retained some privacy in your own home after a full day of entertaining. 

Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

As though inviting guests to swim at your pool all day isn’t welcoming enough, now you can give them lodging with a waterfront view! Visitors will no doubt feel special to get to stay in your unique guest house by the pool. Or, maybe it becomes the grandkids’ special getaway. Either way, private sleeping quarters provide a welcoming and personal experience. 

Extra Storage

Outdoor Furniture and Tools

Keep your garage and home storage space dedicated to the bikes, holiday decor, and whatever else you already keep there. Instead of cramming it full with more items, a pool house opens up so much extra storage space that’s also protected from the elements. Beyond loungers, rafts and goggles, use a pool house to store patio furniture, planters, outdoor tools, and so much more. 

Pool Maintenance Supplies

Every pool requires chemicals and gadgets for maintenance that get utilized regularly when the pool is open. Don’t make it a chore to find each of the items in multiple places in the garage, shed, or elsewhere. Keep your chemicals at the ready and nearby the skimmer, pool rake, and other equipment by storing it together in the neighboring pool house. Making space for this equipment in the pool house means they’re out of sight and out of mind, especially during colder months when you won’t need them.

Kitchen Convenience

Keep the Party Out of Your Kitchen

Much like the additional bathroom access, incorporating a kitchen into the pool house makes quite a lot of sense. Pool goers have no reason to track their saturated swim trunks into your home if a separate kitchen is also readily available in the pool house. Keep your adult beverages or appetizer trays in the pool house fridge and save room in the main home for everyday groceries. This second kitchen also gives your guests absolutely everything they could need for an overnight stay.  

Income Potential

Yes, it’s an investment, but since you’ve already run plumbing and electric for the bathroom and storage, the addition of a kitchen isn’t too much more to take on. These amenities give you the ability to host short-term rentals (when you aren’t hosting friends or family in the pool house), so consider it as a potential income stream. 

Building a Pool House with Brothers Grimm

If you think a pool adds value to your home, wait until you see what a pool house can do. From the value to the convenience and just plain wow factor – it’s an investment worth pursuing. Dive into the process with Brothers Grimm today to GET STARTED