Do Pools Count as Landscaping?

Unfortunately, the answer is not as simple as “yes or no.” Although installing a pool into a private yard technically falls under the definition of landscaping, it is a particular skill. Landscapers can install pools, but not all landscapers! Many rules, stipulations, and best practices accompany the installation of a pool, making those who install them specialists in their field. Landscapers who offer both traditional landscaping as well as pool installation, like Brothers Grimm, do more than install quality pools. We ensure an aesthetic inground pool design and can elevate the rest of your outdoor space to match. Learn about the differences between pool and landscaping design and how they can work together to make your yard a private paradise. 

Differences Between Pool Design and Landscaping Design 

Distinguishing between pool design and landscaping design is essential for creating a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. While both contribute to the overall ambiance of a backyard, they involve distinct considerations. Pool design focuses on the layout, shape, and functionality of the pool itself, addressing factors such as depth, materials, and water features. On the other hand, landscaping design encompasses the surrounding environment; elements like plants, hardscaping, and decorative features. The two demand different perspectives, as integrating an inground pool into landscaping requires careful planning to ensure cohesion. Balancing pool and landscaping design effectively results in an outdoor space that seamlessly combines the allure of water features with the beauty of carefully curated landscapes.

How Pool Design Can Compliment Your Home’s Landscaping

How can you unite your pool and landscaping design? We’ve included a few examples of swimming pool landscape design ideas that your landscaper can utilize to make the most of all additions to your backyard. 

Utilize Tropical Plants Around Your Pool 

People automatically associate pools with a tropical environment, so why not lean into that association by bringing a little Polynesian flair to your landscaping? Planting a few choice tropical plants around your pool turns your activity into a full-on extra-sensory experience.

Make Natural Seating Out of the Masonry

Many believe lounging by the pool on a hot summer day is the height of luxury. Instead of bringing in plastic lounge chairs to line your pool, you could have your pool and landscaping design team create natural seating out of stone to line your pool. This addition will improve the aesthetic and functionality of your pool design.

Create a Sense of Openness 

Maintaining compliance with zoning codes that require a boundary or fencing around the pool can often make swimmers feel closed in. To avoid this, work with an expert pool and landscaping design team who can help you stay compliant with all laws while still creating a sense of openness in your backyard. 

Improve Ambience with a Fire Pit

Nearly everyone likes the idea of enjoying a bonfire on the beach. but how do we fulfill that desire living in the Midwest? Simply enhance your inground pool space with the addition of a fire pit that can be enjoyed during every season.

Make Your Perimeter Beautiful 

Ultimately, whatever aesthetic choices you and your pool and landscaping design team come up with should all work towards the same goal of making your swimming experience all the more beautiful. Even when you are not using the pool, enjoying a beautiful and well-designed backyard can be a great escape for you and your family.

Build Your Dream Pool and Yard with Brothers Grimm Landscaping

If you are considering installing an inground pool, it’s important to ensure that the design complements the rest of your landscaping. This is why having your pool and landscaping design teams work together is essential. The best way to do that is by having them be the same team! Brothers Grimm has been designing exquisite pools and landscapes in Northeast Ohio for nearly 30 years. Schedule a consultation with Brothers Grimm to see what we can do to make your backyard dreams come true.