Spring may seem far off, but it’s never too early to start planning your backyard landscaping design. After all, making a solid plan now sets you up for summertime success!

Whether you’re dreaming of adding a custom pool to your backyard or you simply want an update to your outdoor living area design, landscaping is an important part of the equation. Why? Because all that greenery is what makes the outdoors so great!

But how do you create landscaping that’s uniquely designed to fit your property and lifestyle? What makes landscape design with a pool different from landscaping without a pool? Where do you find outdoor kitchen builders who can also install the plants and trees that bring your space to life?

Brothers Grimm has your back. We have more than 25 years of experience helping homeowners realize their dreams of luxurious, livable and lovely outdoor spaces. Our seasoned advice can simplify the whole process for you!

Dive into our three easy steps for planning a modern landscape design that’s customized to your unique needs and style.

Step 1: Define Your Goals for a Landscaping Design

Start by reflecting on how your family will use your outdoor space. Think of this step as problem-avoiding – which is way easier than problem solving! Once you clarify the activities you and your family want to enjoy in your backyard, an appropriate landscaping design can follow. Here are four of the most common goals we’ve seen for a backyard refresh:


Do you wish your friends and family spent more time in your backyard? Is yours the yard where all the neighborhood kids love to hang out? Are alfresco dinner parties something you long to host? Entertaining must top your priority list for a custom landscape design! Focus on features that upgrade your backyard entertainment game, like a useful outdoor kitchen or luxurious outdoor living area design. Also consider including spaces for play, whether it’s a custom pool, a basketball hoop or an open grassy area for games like cornhole and tag.


Are you seeking a backyard sanctuary with a Zen-like atmosphere? Do your neighbors have a clearer view of your outdoor space than you’d like? Is a balance of sun, shade and seclusion high on your priority list? Sounds like backyard privacy is your goal! Fill your wish-list with elements that combine the security of being unseen with the freedom of enjoying seasonal beauty. Elements like fencing, outdoor gazebos and other structures can complement creative landscaping design to create a sense of privacy without that walled-in feeling.


Is gardening your go-to stress reliever? Does your family have lots of lawn equipment, bikes or seasonal decorations that require storage? Are you looking to increase your home’s value with outdoor upgrades before listing it? You seem to be focused on functionality – and we respect that! Think outside the storage-shed box to see how modern landscape design can level up your yard’s usefulness. Built-in planters or benches can transform a plain deck into a gardener’s custom workstation. Multipurpose structures can corral toys and tools while creating an eye-catching backdrop for well-designed landscaping. And a simple yet thoughtful landscape design around a pool or at-home spa can seriously amp up the ROI on your home resale.


Has your outdoor space become overgrown by nature, keeping you from enjoying it? Are you embarrassed that your yard isn’t as lush, colorful or tidy as your neighbor’s? Longing for a modern landscape design that highlights the architectural features you fell in love with in the first place? There’s no shame in prioritizing aesthetics for your custom landscaping design! Set your sights on native plants and trees that will thrive in your climate. Then layer in evergreens and a variety of early, mid-season and late bloomers to make sure you’ve got color all year. Not sure how to achieve that? No problem! Brothers Grimm services cover everything from designing the landscape to planting, mulching, mowing and more.

Step 2: Customize Your Landscape Design With a Pool and Other Fun Features

Now that you’ve clarified your goals for your landscape design, it’s time to make it uniquely your own! These custom features can add fun, functionality, privacy and visual interest to the trees, shrubs and flowers you choose for your backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen

From a simple prep area next to the grill to a full-on covered deck space featuring a plumbed sink, dining table and wood-fired pizza oven, an outdoor kitchen surrounded by lush greenery levels up alfresco entertaining and everyday mealtimes.

Outdoor Living Areas

Take your interior design style to the great outdoors with an outdoor living area design that dovetails with custom landscaping. Potted plants make versatile privacy screens, and well-placed trees offer shade for comfy and cozy conversation areas.

Luxury Pools & Spas

Nothing levels up the backyard fun like a custom pool that fits your property to a T. And Brothers Grimm is one of few professional companies that can combine landscape design with pool installation for a seamlessly gorgeous look!

Water Features

Not really into the custom pool thing but still want to be near water in your backyard retreat? We’re also experienced pool and waterfall builders, so we can help you design backyard water features that aren’t swimming pools – like a koi pond, fountain, hot tub and more.

Decks & Patios

A custom deck or patio serves as the foundation for all your backyard activities. Whether you love sunbathing, reading in the shade, grilling with friends or tending to your plant babies, we can help you pair a custom deck with a landscape design that integrates it into your wider property.

Steps & Paths

Navigating your outdoor space requires a little direction. Consider adding pathways to lead guests through your landscaping design to new areas of discovery. And make sure they’re safe getting to the lawn from your raised deck with properly designed, constructed and lit stairs.

Step 3. Make Your Dream Backyard A Reality

You’re almost there! With a clear set of goals and a good idea of the custom features you want in your backyard, you can start bringing your landscape design vision to life! Here are some final considerations for the home stretch:

Check In With Reality

Custom landscaping designs require something of a reality check. Before you can move forward, make sure you’re clear on:

  • Your budget
  • How much space you’ve got
  • What kind of atmosphere you want to achieve

With those parameters solidified, you’re ready to dig into a custom pool and/or landscaping design. Check out our gallery for custom backyard inspiration!

Choose a Great Landscaping Design Company

After spending all this time and effort to plan your ideal landscaping and outdoor living area design, you don’t want to drop the ball this close to the finish line. Some elements of landscape design might be DIY-able, but a seasoned pro takes the burden off your shoulders while delivering seamless results. Trust Brothers Grimm to complete your custom pool installation and landscaping design on time, within budget and to your aesthetic standards. Let’s dig in!