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Did you know that the pool liner is an incredibly important aspect of any swimming pool? The pool liner works as waterproofing to ensure the water stays in the designated swimming area, keeping water from leaking into the yard’s infrastructure. Without a liner, your pool might just turn your backyard into a swamp!

Even though their waterproofing capabilities are their most critical function, it is not the only one. Each pool liner has individual traits that can affect the rest of your swimming experience. Two of the most prominent features of a pool liner are its effects on the color of the water as well as its ability to camouflage wear and tear.

The Effects of Pool Liner Colors on Water

Do you have a specific look you want for your pool? The color you choose for your pool liner can change the swimming experience you hope to have. Pool water naturally possesses a blueish tone. When you combine this blue-ish water with another color, it will change the entire look of your pool.

Some combinations are unsurprising. For example, a blue liner mixed with the blue water will only enhance the blue hue. However, others are slightly less expected. When you combine pool water with a tan liner, the pool takes on an aqua shade. Not a color expert? That’s okay! Our experts at Brothers Grimm can help you pick a pool liner color so you don’t get any unexpected results.

Pool Liner Colors Camouflage Wear and Tear

pool liner colors

Pools often show signs of aging. Over a long period of time, a darker pool liner will eventually become sunbleached and appear worn out. However, there are things to consider when choosing a lighter model as well. A light-colored lining will be a blank canvas for every indiscretion, scrape, and stain.

A happy medium tends to be ideal for achieving the best results in maintaining your pool’s good looks. A blue or light-blue pool liner with some modest design elements will help slow sun bleaching and will do a better job of hiding any imperfections.

The choice of color to hide wear and tear largely depends on how you intend to use your pool. If you have young children or teenagers who tend to be harder on their things, a darker or more designed pool liner is a better choice. If you plan to use your pool lightly and purely for swimming, a lighter, minimalistic lining would prove highly effective.

Does a Darker Liner Make a Pool Warmer?

Want a warmer swimming experience? You might think that using a darker-colored pool liner will naturally heat the pool without having to pay for additional equipment. On the surface, this makes sense, but if you dive deeper, you will find this is generally not the case. The truth is, any effect the pool liner has on temperature is minimal at best. The greatest effect the lining can have on your pool, besides making it watertight, is its aesthetics. If you want a warm swimming experience, the best way is to invest in pool heating equipment.

Get the Best Pool and Color Available with Brothers Grimm

pool liner colors with water

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