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New Software – Time to Upgrade

As we grow and times continue to shift and change, we adapt as well.  This year, a part of this for us is implementing new tracking software for our crews.  We’ve been working with the new software for a few months now.  While it has been a learning process, we are...

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Scheduling Challenges

This season has been a challenge since it started.  Between our shutdown in March due to Covid 19 and the rain, we are behind on all services.  The spring clean ups and mulching are ongoing and we are working our way through the list.  Because each week has been so...

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Plant Profile – Creeping Myrtle

Creeping Myrtle is a fast growing ground cover plant that is great for spaces where other flowers won’t grow, like under pine trees. It will take root and spread over the area in no time. It has a lavender flower that contrasts well with the dark green leaves. The...

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Oh, Dandelions!

Even COVID-19 can’t stop the dandelions!  Lawns have awakened and grass growth is in full swing, which means the nemesis of many people is also starting as well.  The dandelions have made a strong run this year with many lawns going from green to yellow in a matter of...

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Plant Profile – Jack Pear

The Jack Pear is a one of a kind ornamental tree.  Beautiful white blooms appear in early Spring before the leaves come out.  Mine is blooming now and it is full of beautiful blossoms. It also has a golden fall color with hues of red.  It is ideal for urban...

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What a Crazy Year

What a year 2020 has started off to be!  Winter did not bring much snow and Spring has brought lockdowns and social distancing.  Our crews are doing what we can to keep things going as much as we are able.  Our employees were issued masks to wear and will continue to...

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Prepping for Home Show Season

It’s the end of another maintenance season. We are working our way through the last of the leaf clean ups and finalizing our winter plans. The plow routes are almost finalized and the salt has been stocked. I’m still not quite sure how it’s December already but here...

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Almost Fall

Now that October has finally arrived, we are looking forward to the cooler temperatures we normally receive in September. This year was far from a normal one as I look back. With the rain we had all spring and summer, we started out with the wettest year in 129 years....

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Fall is Coming

We have dusted off our leaf vacs and pulled them into the shop. Before you know it, they will be on the back of the trucks and running around to suck up the piles our crews will leave. If you have already signed up for leaf clean up, you have nothing to worry about....

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What’s Next?

What a crazy year it’s been so far. We had the wettest spring on record in 129 years and while the grass slowed down this Summer, it never really went dormant. We are now starting to look ahead at the rest of the year. Next up is aeration and overseeding. If you want...

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