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Tips to Get Your Pool Ready For The Summer

Warmer weather means it’s finally time to get your pool ready for the summer! But what is the best way to open a pool for the season? It is important not to miss any steps for the safety of your guests as well as the longevity of your pool and its features. To help...

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Elevate Your Backyard with Pool Landscaping

Pools and landscaping go together like summer and ice cream. And there are just as many options for pool landscaping as there are flavors of frozen treats! All those possibilities can feel overwhelming and lead to questions, like: Is it necessary to have the pool and...

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3 Steps to Customize Your Modern Landscape Design

Spring may seem far off, but it’s never too early to start planning your backyard landscaping design. After all, making a solid plan now sets you up for summertime success! Whether you’re dreaming of adding a custom pool to your backyard or you simply want an update...

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How Pool Liner Color Can Affect Your Pool 

Did you know that the pool liner is an incredibly important aspect of any swimming pool? The pool liner works as waterproofing to ensure the water stays in the designated swimming area, keeping water from leaking into the yard's infrastructure. Without a liner, your...

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Backyard Water Features That Aren’t Swimming Pools

Love the calm, peaceful feeling of being near water? Think a water feature in your yard would be great but don’t want the upkeep of a swimming pool? Want to increase your home’s value with natural-looking outdoor upgrades that lower your stress levels and drown out...

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How to Increase Your Home Value: Outdoor Upgrades

Does a pool increase home value? Does professional landscaping add value to your home? What about other outdoor upgrades, like a fire pit or a deck? If you’re considering leveling up your backyard, these questions have most likely crossed your mind. After all,...

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Pool Safety Tips for Summer

Summer and swimming go together like daydreams and dandelions. But the most important aspect of enjoying all types of inground pools is safety, especially when children are around. The pros at Brothers Grimm take pool safety very seriously. We’ve been committed to...

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Backyard Privacy: Creative Ways to Design Seclusion

Your home is a place to escape from the world — and your outdoor spaces are part of that refuge. It’s great when passersby and neighbors admire your front yard’s unique landscaping or trim, weed-free lawn. But most of us want a little more backyard privacy for...

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