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Moving Right Along

How is it that July seems like it goes so fast every year?  It won’t be long until the kids are starting back at school and the temperatures are starting to cool back down.  The crews are still hard at work. The second round of pruning will be wrapped up this month. ...

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Unique Plants for Your Backyard

Top 5 Beautiful Backyard Plants  Summer is in full bloom! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the grass needs to be mowed again. It’s not too late to get new and interesting shrubs and other flowering plants into your landscape design for this season....

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Summer Heat & Drought

It’s the beginning of July and the grass is dormant in most areas.  There are still some hints of green in areas and people with irrigation systems are very obvious right now.  Coming into the holiday weekend, the mowing crews visited and cleaned up most lawns to make...

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Prepping Your Lawn in the Spring

It’s spring! The flowers are blooming, the temps are rising, and it’s time to get your lawn ready for summer. That’s right – if you want a lush, green lawn this summer start working on it now. From tune-ups and trimming to aerating and fertilizing, we’ve got your list...

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Get Your Backyard Oasis Before Fall 2023

Create Your Backyard Oasis Before Fall 2023 If you’re thinking about creating the backyard oasis of your dreams, it’s time to get on the Brother Grimm pool and landscape design schedule! We are booked on new projects for the 2022 season and are already scheduling into...

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An End to the Spring Rush?

It feels like we have blinked and June is here.  It does not feel like that long ago we were just getting ready for mowing to start.  Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, we are looking forward to the grass slowing down its growth.  The mow crews have been doing...

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Rain Rain, Go Away

This year is starting out to be a wet one!  The crews are working to get through their routes, but the weather is giving us a run for our money.  Our plan is to keep going as we can, even if it means our Friday customers are getting mowed on the following Monday. ...

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Cleveland Home & Garden Show Recap

Great Big Home & Garden Show Nothing says “it’s time to get to work” like attending the Great Big Home & Garden Show. Attendees from across Northeast Ohio swarmed to the Cleveland I-X Center February 4-13 to meet with vendors and get inspiration for upcoming...

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What’s the Focal Point of Your Yard?

When you look at your yard, do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sea of foliage in the garden, or underwhelmed by the monotonous grass? If there’s too much going on to focus on one thing (or maybe nothing going on at all), it’s probably time to consider focal point...

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Grass Seed vs Sod

Is your new construction lot ready to “go green?” Does your lackluster lawn need a bit of love? Now’s the time to talk about how to turn your turf (or lack thereof) into a green oasis. Making the right decision between grass seed vs sod starts with knowing your soil....

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